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Chinese President stresses "leapfrog development, lasting stability" in Tibet


BEIJING, March 6 (Xinhua) -- Chinese President Hu Jintao on Saturday urged to fast track Tibet's development and maintain stability in the autonomous region, promising continuous efforts for ethnic minorities' well-being.

Joining a panel discussion with deputies to the National People's Congress (NPC) from Tibet, Hu said the fifth meeting on the work of Tibet held in Beijing earlier this year had pointed a way for the region's development, and called for resolute efforts to implement the policies made at the meeting.

Hu said development and stability in Tibet are two top tasks that demand unremitting efforts.

The region should stick to a development road with Chinese characteristics and suited to Tibet's regional conditions, and make resolute efforts to achieve "leapfrog development and lasting stability," Hu said.

Economic and social development should be coordinated with the improvement of people's livelihoods, Hu said.

He also urged the region to promote the building of an energy-saving and environment-friendly society, by balancing utilization of natural resources and environmental protection.

Hu called for vigorous efforts to strengthen the autonomous region's capability of self-development while trying to seek a balance between assistance from across the country and its own endeavors.

He asked officials and people of all ethnic groups in Tibet to contribute their wisdom and strength to the region's development and stability.

The Communist Party and the government would continue with solid efforts to try their best to do what is good to ethnic minorities in Tibet and further improve farmers and herders' working conditions and living standards, Hu said.

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