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 Committed to enhancing world peace and progress, promoting educational reform and development in China, and strengthening educational exchange and cooperation between China and rest of the world, China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE) recently announced that the 1st CEAIE Annual Conference will be held in October 2001 in Beijing. This CEAIE Annual Conference has three main components – CEAIE’ 20th Anniversary Celebration, 2nd International Forum on Education and China International Education Exhibition 2001. International Forum on Education will focus on the much –talked-about topic: “Reform and Development of Basic Education”. We will bring world – renowned educators, experts and personages to address this significant issue with our educational workers. China International Education Exhibition 2001 held in Beijing and Shanghai will be another great opportunity for representatives of overseas colleges, universities and other organizations to meet our teachers, students and parents as well as the large community, and share with them information of mutual interest.
 CEAIE welcomes you to the above meaningful and interesting events, and fully trusts that your participation in this significant conference and exhibition will contribute greatly to a closer link between your institution and the large Chinese educational world.

 CEAIE’s  Tel: 0086-10-64660654/64634950  
                  Fax: 0086-10-84510572,64634950
                  E-mail: Fairlink@public.gb.com.cn

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