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Sino-Czech Entrepreneur Meeting


To establish business relationship and strengthen the communication between the Chinese and Czech entrepreneurs, a Chinese entrepreneur delegation, consists of  24 members (12 enterprises), will pay a visit to Czech Republic in Sept. 22, 2003. The Confederation of  Industry of the Czech Republic and the Economic & Commercial Counsellor’Office of the Embassy of People's Republic of China in Czech Republic will jointly organize

A Sino-Czech Entrepreneur Meeting
Time: Sept.22, 2003(Monday)  9:00-13:00
Place:  Athena Hall (new Conference entry)
ground floor Olympik Hotel
Address:Sokolovska 138, Praha 8

We hereby sincerely invite Czech companies to attend the meeting.

The main business intents of  Chinese entrepreneurs can be found in the enclosure respectively.

Economic and Commercial Counsellor’s office
Of the Embassy of People's Republic of China in Czech Republic
Tel: 233 028 873 or 233 028 872     Fax: 233 028 876
E-mail: cz@mofcom.gov.cn

Enclosure: name list and intents of Chinese companies

1、Shandong International Trading Group (SANIT)
   Yang Leyuan Vice President

Cooperative intent:
<1>We will carry on negotiations about the export of sports apparatus, toy, food, medical apparatus, instrument and daily necessities.
<2>We will visit the competent authorities and the Associations or Organizations governing the cooperative import of labor services and hold talks over the cooperative labor services
<3>We will carry on negotiations about drawing investment projects such as tourism, real estate and commercial trade.
<4>We will enter into negotiations about machinery equipment abroad and processing clothing project.
<5>We will enter into negations about  the import of raw materials such as timber

2、Hiking Group
webstie: http://www.hiking.com.cn/
   Mr. Zhang Hongbai  Vice President
   Mr. Deng Chunyu  Dept. Manager
Cooperative intent:
We will have a field study of investment environment, conditions and projects.

3、Beijing No.1 Machine Tool Plant
  website: http://www.byjc.com.cn/
Mr. Wang Jisheng  General Manager
   Mr. Liu Yonglu  Overseas Department manger
Cooperative intent:.
<1>We are seeking the efficient producers of metal plate, their main products are as follows: the processing of central shielding , track shielding and electric rice cooker etc..
<2>We are seeking the efficient producers of machine tools to get some information about their products (main CNC milling machine and NC planomillr etc.. ), markers . And further discuss about cooperation.
<3>We are seeking the producers of machine tool parts such as ball screw shaft, symbolic logic etc..
<4> We will investigate and understand the demand of Eastern European markets and export the marketable products.

4、China Shandong International Economic & Technical
Cooperation Corp. (SIETC)
  Mr. Yang Jie  Manager
  Mr. Li Hongming  Manager

Cooperative intent:
We will look forward to meeting and taking over with some customers as follows:
<1> Retailers and wholesalers engaging in feather gloves, sports hat, baseball hat and wig.
<2> Wholesalers and purchasers running washing-machine, air-conditioner and motorcycle magneto, and manufacturers of microwave ovens.
<3> Purchasers and wholesalers and customers of flange.

5、Jinan Sanxin Railway Lubricant Material Co., Ltd.
  Mr. Liu Yuping  President
  Mr. Ye Mingan  Chief Engineer
  Mr. Ju Guofu  General Manager

Cooperative intent:
  We will make an introduction to our dry lubricant for wheel track on the railway, lubricating and equipment for wheel flandge of model GR locomotive and equipment for smearing dried lubricating oil coat on mobile curve rails and seek a partner on the antifriction technology of the rails.          

6、Shandong Changhua Foodstuff Group Co., Ltd.
  Mr. Wang Junli  Manager
Cooperative intent:
<1> We are seeking more partners to expand our present plastic packing enterprise.
<2> We will investigate learn from the same local businesses and introduce their advanced technology.
<3> We are seeking some suppliers of PET, ONR, and CPP materials for our import.
<4> We will carry on further negotiations about the jointly establishment of enterprise at the local place and production of plastic packing materials for and marketing at local and East European marketplaces.

7、Shandong Foreign Investment Service Corporation
Han Xiaoqun  General Manager

Cooperative intent:
<1> We will look forward to meeting the sellers running the processing of beef food.
<2> We will negotiate cooperative programs for economy & technology exchange training.

8、Rizhao East-global Imp & Exp. Co.,  Ltd.  
   Mr. Cai Yujiang   General Manager
   Mr. Zhao Wei       T/E Manager

Cooperative intent:
Export commodities:
<1> Daily necessities: thermos, cloths stand, teapot, kerosene stove, flashlight, small toy, electric home appliances, blanket finished product, hand product, handicraft article etc.
<2> Food: frozen cooked wheaten food, frozen product, canned food, frozen fruit, frozen vegetable, agricultural products, cooked wheaten food, lobster etc.
<3> Ceramics: milk cup, all kinds of flat plates and soup trays

9、Konka Group Co., Ltd.
Website: http://www.konka.com/
   Mr. Yang Guohe     Overseas Business General Manager
   Mr. Wang Yong      Dept. of Eastern Europe  Manager
Cooperative intent:
In czech, we have reached an initial agreement with TESLA, a local TV manufacturer, and we will visit this company to discuss the possibility for export of TV products.
In Croatia, we will visit our partner KVARK to have further discussion for the future business development.
In Romania, we will have a field study of the market and hope to find potential clients to cooperate weth.

10、Tsinghua Tongfang Computer
website: http://www.thtf.com.cn/
Mr. Huang Weixue  Assistant G.M
Cooperative intent:
  We will contact and talk over with relevant computer manufacturers and users of various industries such as education, public health , armament, the taxman and government.

11、China National Feedstuff Group Corporation
   Mr. Liu Xiaoyu  General Manager
   Mr. Lou Yongjun  Dept. Manager
Cooperative intent:
<1> We hope to meet the agriculture officials who have a full understanding of the country’s agricultural products (e.g. rapeseed, additive)
<2> We hope to meet the commercial officials who have rich knowledge of the export of the country’s agricultural products.
<3> We will hope to know about the amount of rape export in the past two years, the desired amount of rape export in 2004 and relevant policies and statutes.

12、TIANJIN LIGHT Industrial Products imp & exp. Corp.
Wang Peiyong  Deputy Dept. Manager

Cooperative intent:
  Daily necessities for importation and exportation: thermos, clothes stand, teapot, kerosene stove, flashlight, small toy, electric home appliances, blanket finished products, handiwork, handicraft article etc.  

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